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Our Mission

Curveez is modern comfort, perfected

We are committed to helping our customers feel confident without
ever sacrificing the luxury of comfort

Curveez products empower women to look flawless in any outfit with grace and ease. Our Sleek, innovative solutions help real women wear whatever they want, whenever, and wherever.

Curveez Curveez Curveez

We bring shapewear innovation into the modern era,
effortlessly delivering everyday comfort

Our Inspiration & Our Roots

My name is Janice Santiago, and I founded Curveez to empower women worldwide.

How it Began

I started my entrepreneurial journey with $400 in my pocket. In 2000, after losing my job, I started my first business in my home garage. I sold intimates via catalog - it was a daily uphill battle. I struggled with low self-esteem, nagging self-doubt and poor sales for years, and often felt like giving up on my dream. But, inspired by my hard-working mother and with the encouragement of my best friend, I pushed through.

Discovery & Inspiration

In 2006, I discovered the shapewear industry while visiting a fair in Colombia. At first, I was skeptical. It wasn't until I started regularly wearing shapewear that I discovered its confidence-boosting magic. After doing market research, I realized the enormous demand for and potential of shapewear. However, the market was still missing something - shapewear for plus size women. I wanted to address that gap.

Curveez was Born

I rebranded my company as Curveez Group (Curveez and Tecnomed) in 2007. I introduced more size inclusivity, sophistication and innovation to the market. For 20 years now, we've sold intimates directly to stores and distributed them worldwide.

What started as a small (seemingly impossible) dream has blossomed into a huge success. I share my story with hopes of empowering other women worldwide to pursue their dreams and flaunt their confidence!



Curveez Eye Candy

More Than Just Eye Candy

Our products champion beauty AND health.

After all, what's one without the other?

We create solution-based shapewear that promotes unique wellness benefits such as: post-surgery healing, better posture, leg, breast, abdominal support and more.

Curveez Art

Where Science Meets Art

There's science, artistry (and a bit of magic) behind everything we create.

We believe in fashion + function.

That's why our design pros rely on innovative technology to give you the best customer experience possible.

Curveez Star

All Eyes On You

We're the reason millions of women have that extra “oomph” in their step.

We want you to feel your sexiest, most confident self. Day in, day out.

What better way to do that than putting on pretty shapewear that actually works?


At Curveez, we are passionate about helping women flaunt their curves with confidence and in comfort!

As an inclusive brand, we cater to both sexes, all body types, and we offer a variety of styles for every occasion.

Our loyal fanbase is the reason behind everything we do.

You motivate us to improve…
every single day.

We love our customers, we love our community, we love you.
Thank you for being our daily inspiration.